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A WILL might be the most important document you will ever create. It can ensure your final wishes are carried out, your family is protected and your tax bill is minimised. As your circumstances evolve, it is crucial you have a Will that is up to date.

You may find the thought of a WILL daunting and put off thinking about it: you are not alone! We are friendly, approachable professionals who are easy to talk to about the entire process. We’re here to answer any questions that you might have.

We will go through your family and financial circumstances, take direction from you as to what you want to happen whilst guiding you through the Inheritance Tax regime.

If you don’t have a WILL then the state steps in and decides for you what happens to your assets. This process – known as intestacy – is rarely what people want. It may also mean vulnerable people aren’t protected and more tax is payable.

You can write your own Will but there are obvious pitfalls. We will provide a professionally drafted document, written by someone with the necessary experience and expertise. Tax rules change at least every year, we will always provide you with up-to-date advice in line with current legislation. We are here to explore circumstances and consequences you may not have considered.

We can advise you how to structure your WILL to mitigate Inheritance Tax and care home fees, as well as how to protect the inheritance of vulnerable beneficiaries.

Even if you have a WILL in place already, it’s important to keep it under regular review. We recommend you review your Will at least every 5 years – more often if your financial or family circumstances change.

Reviewing your WILL ensures that not only is it up to date but that it is as tax efficient as possible. If you have an existing Will you would like reviewed, contact us for a no obligation, 20 minute review with a solicitor to check it is still fit for purpose.

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