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Powers of Attorney

Advice for Attorneys

If you are appointed as an attorney, whether by an Enduring Power of Attorney or a Lasting Power of Attorney, you may have questions with which we can assist. The person who made the Power of Attorney, trusted you to carry out an important role for them and so it is sensible to take advice about that role; for instance:


YOU MAY be curious how and when you can act under the Power of Attorney;

YOU MAY want to know if you can sell the donor’s house and what to do with the proceeds; or

YOU MAY want to make gifts or make plans to mitigate the donor’s inheritance tax bill.


Whatever your question, we will be able to assist you and guide you as to the best way to act to protect yourself and also the donor’s interests. We have been trained as Dementia Friends and understand every situation is different. Do contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss the process. 

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