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Richard Cunningham, Managing Partner
Richard Cunningham

“The answer is ‘yes’, now what is the question?”


Richard trained at a medium-sized, regional firm in Wimbledon where he gained his first exposure to property work. Upon qualification, he was recruited by a firm in Cheam Village to undertake a mixed case load of both residential and commercial property work. After acquiring several high profile clients from the worlds of sport and light entertainment he soon found himself being asked to deal with “this really simple sale of a business” or “this little estate” and before long he was working with several business, some local and some City-based, as a valued and respected commercial advisor.

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Christine Eves, Senior Partner
Christine Eves

Christine attended Woldingham School having previously lived in Canada and the UAE. A childhood spread across 3 different continents was due to the fact her father worked for the UN and Christine became aware at an early age of the far reaching impact the law can have. 

Inspired to wield this power for good, Christine trained at a boutique firm in Berkshire and specialised in Family work. She spent 2 years advising people in the most dire need of assistance but the changes to Legal Aid proved challenging and Christine, not ever being one to compromise, felt she could not reconcile these constantly increasing restrictions with her instinct to go the extra mile for her clients.

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Diana Riedl, Residential Property
Diana Riedl

Diana lives in Surbiton and began her legal career at a firm in Hampshire where she was ultimately appointed Head of Department. If your property is south of the Watford Gap, she’s probably done it before and, even if you’re not, it’s unlikely to be anything new. After a short career break and relocation, she joined up with Christine, Richard and Cara in Bookham and East Horsley before becoming a founding partner of Cunningham Eves Solicitors.


She knows the local intricacies and occasionally quirky arrangements typical of properties in Bookham, Horsley, Ashtead, Dorking, Leatherhead, Guildford, Kingston and throughout Surrey’s wide array of locations...

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Jake Eales, Senior Paralegal
Jake Eales
Senior Paralegal


Jake is our youngest yet most experienced Paralegal and manages our team of  paralegals and support staff - a modern day Doogie Howser. Jake has an eagle-eye on all matters, foreign and domestic, at all times. He is an encyclopaedia of knowledge when it comes to process and also oversees the day-to-day running of our Leatherhead office. A local resident, he plays football semi-professionally and has featured for Leatherhead F.C., Kingstonian F.C. and Wingate & Finchley F.C.. He is almost as good a centre half as he is a wonderful example of our investment in our future.  Jake's hard work in every area of his life inspires all of us every day. 

Cara Osborne-Hughes, Private Client
Cara Osborne-Hughes
Private Client

Cara lives in Godalming and began practice with a large regional firm, working primarily from its Wimbledon office. She joined Richard, Christine and Diana in Bookham and East Horsley and is a founding partner of Cunningham Eves Solicitors.


It is easy to confuse Private Client work with Wills, Probate and Powers of Attorney but the best solicitors offer so much more. Cara takes a big picture view of your circumstances without charging you by the hour to do so. She is an expert at asking the crucial questions at the right time to ensure nothing is missed and you get the solution that best fits you, in the shortest time possible and for a fee that has already been agreed with you and is fixed.

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Annija Klodza, Trainee Solicitor
Annija Klodza
Trainee Solicitor
Private Client

As tough as they come but an absolute delight to deal with, we’re so glad she’s on our side! Annija is a Trainee Solicitor in our Private Client Department dealing primarily with Wills, Powers of attorney, Trusts and Probate. She has also previously worked in our family and property departments so has very good all-round knowledge of the law. Annija is technically superb and produces incredibly accurate work in flash: she is a real star, and it often frightens us how quickly she can review and digest a file. Annija and Cara have worked closely together for over five years, and we have all proudly watched Annija grow from an assistant to an incredibly technically gifted lawyer who, despite her denials, really does enjoy drafting estate accounts and tax returns.


Annija’s biggest talent, and why we love her most, is that she is unwaveringly kind and understanding to clients and colleagues alike. She has a tough exterior but a heart of gold and will do anything to help. She provides support with expert advice to all our clients when most needed.

Amanda Holden-Guest, Paralegal
Amanda Holden-Guest
Private Client

Amazing Amanda loves superhero movies. We think it’s because she finds it relaxing to watch incredible people struggle with far simpler tasks than those she competently dispatches every day of her working life. We suppose it would be simpler if it were just the future of humanity at stake. She is a Paralegal in our Private Client Department and also helps us to manage the practical aspects of our office and keep everything running smoothly. Peoplekind would be truly lost without her.

Aditya Pillai, Paralegal
Aditya Pillai

Aditya joined the team with a pretty impressive record, advising clients across two continents so early in his career, he is adept at providing succinct advice with laser focus. Sharp and unflappable, he assists residential clients in their times of need. 

Adi joined the team with a pretty impressive record, advising clients across two continents so early in his career, he is adept at providing succinct advice with laser focus. Sharp and unflappable, he assists residential clients in their times of need. Adi is cool, calm and collected and provides essential assistance to ensure the smooth running of your property transaction

Lisa New, Paralegal
Lisa New


Lisa is our Registration Guru. Lisa was a nanny in her former life before we begged her to join the firm. She is extremely diligent and all about the detail. Lisa is relentless when it comes to ensuring that all our property purchases and transfers are correctly registered. Given how long it is taking the Land Registry to deal with registrations amidst their ever-changing and unpredictable approach, Lisa is the stalwart needed to ensure nothing is missed.

Luisa Thurston, Receptionist
Luisa Thurston

The Guard at the Gate, the Watcher on the Tower. Lu is the heartbeat of our High Street office and the place certainly feels alive when she is there. Three words to summarise might be DO. NOT. MESS. but that would belie the warmth she brings to the whole team... she just doesn't muck about. 

Vicky Jenney, Accounts Manager
Vicky Jenney
Accounts Manager

Vicky deals with all things numeric. She is meticulous and methodical, as you'd expect for someone who is handling client money! She is organised to an almost frightening level and provides essential insight into the smooth running of the business. Given how dull all that sounds, it is remarkable that she is actually another fun-loving member of the team! 

Zach Brettell, Paralegal
Zach Brettell

Zach joined us for a Summer whilst studying Law at Birmingham University and has been back a few times since, in between achieving award-winning success in his final exams. One to watch, we cannot wait to see Zach fulfil his huge potential.

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